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Singlish is a spoken language in Singapore derived from English, Malay, various Chinese dialects and Tamil. 

Singlish Translation can refer to both Singlish to English as well as Singlish to Chinese translations.



Singlish is a broad category that encompasses "Singdarin" (Singapore Mandarin). Like Singlish, Singadarin conversations are conversations in Mandarin peppered with the same colourful local phrases found in Singlish, albeit with a higher presence of Chinese dialects like Hokkien and Cantonese.

The common application of Singlish Translation occurs in the subtitling of video interviews, where Singlish speech (made up of various dialects and languages) is translated into English or Chinese. Recorded conversations in Singlish used as evidence in legal proceedings are also first transcribed into a written form before they are submitted to the courts.

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