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What to expect when you partner up with Wei.Trans.Create


  • Conscientious approach to terms and background research and proofreading​

  • Clear and direct communication on delivery schedules and deadlines

  • Dedicated management and coordination of translation projects with multiple files and staggered deadlines

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Quality Control

Translations are done by native translators or those well-versed in locale-specific languages (e.g. translation into Traditional Chinese for a Taiwanese audience will be done by a Taiwanese translator).

We also have a basic translation work flow to flag up translation issues and ensure quality in our deliverables.





  • Information gathering

  • Project objectives

  • Target audience

  • Done by Translator 1

  • Questions and clarification

  • Research

  • Done by Translator 2

  • Missing text, terms, spelling, grammar, fluency, formatting, project requriements etc.

  • Delivery to client

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