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Keywords: contracts and agreements (sale and purchase, rental and tenancy, warehousing, license etc.), waiver and consent forms, disclaimers and legal letters

Legal Translation supports the communication of legal matters between parties doing business in different languages. This is especially common these days in multinational cross-border deals.



Very often, contracting parties who may not speak the same language will refer to contracts and agreements in different languages during their transactions. However, one language will be chosen as the prevailing language of the contract and this will be clearly indicated in the contract to prevent conflict in the event of any dispute between the different language versions. 

In additional to contracts and agreements, there are many other non legal letters, documents or evidence that may require translation or transcription as part of legal proceedings. 

To ensure the accuracy of translations, target text can be proofread by a second translator specialised in legal translation, reviewed by a lawyer with working knowledge in the local market, or back translated to check that critical information is not lost in translation.

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