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Keywords: hotels, airlines, travelogues, booking sites, museums, tourist attractions, cruises, car rentals

Tourism Translation is a field that benefits from the transcreation approach to translation.



People access tourism content looking for ideas and easy-to-access information. Descriptive writing is often used to evoke one's five senses, thoughts, memories and dreams to almost create an experience. Well, not quite yet. What it creates is desire. But in order to create desire successfully, the transcreator needs to understand the cultural differences and context to know what appeals to the intended audience.  

Consider the intended audience of the translation, their demographics and background experiences. This would affect how they perceive the same piece of writing. The closer the cultural backgrounds of the source and target languages, the less the adjustments to the translation needed; the more differences there are between the cultures, the more transcreation is needed to bridge those differences and capture the interest of the reader.

Tourism Translation, just like Advertising Translation, aims to make a destination, product or service appealing to its readers. Sans transcreation, the translation may come out quite flat.

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