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Keywords: retail, FMCG products, consumer products and services, healthcare, banking & finance, fashion, food & beverages

Advertising Translation is often used interchangeably with Transcreation and Creative Translation. Advertising copy is expected to excite, to titillate, to impassion, to convince... It is expected to capture attention, sway emotions, trigger actions... It is a powerful selling tool.

It can be applied to ATL and BTL materials as well as to digital ad content. 



An effective transcreation for advertising content translates not just the meaning of the source text, but also captures its intention and emotional reactions. Here, the translation may break the conventional rules of accuracy and consistency. There is license not to follow the source text and to do a bit of copywriting where necessary. Creativity is the name of the game.

A transcreator studies the creative brief from the ad agency and does their own research on the product or service before transcreating the source copy.

Based on the above definitions, Tourism Translation would be a sub-category of Advertising Translation. However, due to it unique characteristics, it warrants a category of its own. 

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