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Headphones, a transciption tool

Transcription is a process in which the spoken content in an audio or video file is transcribed into a written form. Usually, this is in a single language, e.g. English to English transcription. Transcribing a source audio into written form in another language is called Audio Translation. e.g. Chinese to English audio translation.

Verbatim Transcription is a word-for-word reproduction of an audio file that records all the filler words, false starts, grammatical errors and sounds. This is often required in legal proceedings as part of evidence submitted to the courts as well as research or focus group interviews.

We provide our clients from corporations, advertising agencies and law firms with the following types of transcription services:

  • English Transcription

  • Mandarin Transcription

  • Singlish Transcription

  • Audio Translation

In a transcription project, some factors contribute to the amount of time and effort involved, including sound quality (recording quality, background noise and volume), number of speakers (differentiating each speaker, people speaking at the same time or talking over one another) and accents of speakers.

The audio files are checked at the beginning of each project to determine the amount of work involved and the suitable resources to assign to it.



For transcription of conversations or events with multilingual and multinational speakers, it is essential to work with a professional transcriber with a ear for a diverse range of accents. In the same vein, audio recordings of local Singaporean conversations may require Singlish Transcription instead.

The following are some of the local/regional accents that we work with:

  • Singaporean-accented English/Singlish

  • Singaporean-accented Mandarin

  • Cantonese-accented English

  • Cantonese-accented Mandarin

  • Chinese-accented English

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