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Transcreation: Adapting content from one language into another that reflects its original intent, tone, style and context while ensuring fluency in the end product

In transcreation, the target audience matters.  

Although literal translation is hardly ever applied in professional translation, except sometimes in the case of back translation, transcreation is more than simply translating and making sure that the text is grammatically correct and fluent. There's an element of creativity and ingenuity involved.

The transcreation approach to text translation is especially effective in the advertising and tourism fields due to its ability to flexibly adapt to the audience-specific characteristics of each market.

Some questions to ask:

~~What is the intention or goal of the translated text? ~~


~~Is it to persuade, to inform, to instruct, to entice, to impassion or to achieve any other purpose? ~~


~~Who are you talking to?~~

At Wei.Trans.Create, we spend time getting familiar with the specific characteristics and target audience of each project to produce a translation that fulfils its intended purpose.

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