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Wei.Trans.Create in 2024: New Languages, New Translation Solutions

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Time flies, and it has been more than three years since Wei.Trans.Create came into being.

Our focus is still about providing translation solutions to ad agencies, law firms, professionals from different industries, as well as to other translation agencies.

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So the core of what we do hasn’t changed.

What has changed is our increased range of languages and translation solutions.

In 2023, we supported clients with translation work into and from English, Simplified Chinese (Singapore and China), Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan), Malay (Singapore and Malaysia), Tamil (Singapore), Indonesian, Thai, Japanese, Croatian, Kazakh, Russian, German, French and Dutch.

We also provide interpretation services for business meetings and events.

What this means is that we’re now more primed than ever to help our clients grow through expanding their influence to a wider group of clients around the world.

Think of us as your outsourced translation department, that you can consult with on anything to do with words and language.

From transcreation, translation, transcription, copy-editing and interpretation, we support our clients with their business growth plans.

With ChatGPT and other AI solutions dealing with text blazing into the market, the offerings in the market can be overwhelming. This is why we keep our focus on what we do best – words – and making them sound better and work better for our clients and collaborators.

Together with our trusted translators and partners, we focus on co-creating the most suitable words for you and with you.

Optimising Your AI-generated Text

Multi-coloured paints on a surface with lines drawn across them, creating a colourful picture.

AI-generated copy and ChatGPT have taken the world by storm in 2023 and are here to stay. They are not a future development but a present certainty.

With marketing copy generated at the speed of a click on a button, the potential is limitless. This also means that content creation is faster and more prolific, and the internet is swamped with content, more than we could ever have imagined before.

How do brands and businesses stand out when there’s so much content and ‘noise’ out there? How do people find you and seek you out when marketeers are posting and uploading more than ever? How are you going to differentiate yourself and your company’s offerings and make them relatable to your target audience.

If you have an amazing inhouse marketing team guarding your brand, you’re in good hands.

But what if you’re a small business that’s still growing and you don’t have the backing of an inhouse team? How do you make good use of all these tools out there to generate effective content for you?

Wei.Trans.Create is an ideal collaborator for you.

We work with words – all day long.

We have a network of freelance translators, copy-editors and copywriters who can tweak, rewrite and repurpose your existing content for your use.

If you have Chat-GPT or AI generated text that you’d like to polish and improve on, we can do that for you. Tell us what you like or do not like about your existing content. Tell us what additional information you’d like to include or exclude. Tell us your vision and aspiration for your brand and business. And we’ll create that for you, in multiple languages too, if you need.


In a world awash with content, targeted and well-written content is more critical than ever.

Multiply your revenue by offering your services in more markets outside of Singapore.

If you have a piece of text or content that you need translated or edited, contact us here for a no-obligation quote.

For regular updates on translation, words and language, follow us on social media.

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