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About Us

Wei.Trans.Create is a transcreation agency in Singapore providing customised translation solutions and services to brand managers, ad agencies, law firms and SMEs. 

From our humble start providing English and Chinese translation, we have expanded our repertoire of languages to include Malay, Tamil, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, German, French and many other regional and global languages.

Yet, Chinese translation is still very much at the core of what we do. We work with a pool of freelance Chinese linguists to provide effective translation, transcreation, transcription, proofreading, copywriting and copy-editing in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese for markets in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We translate. We create.

We remove the language gap between you and and your customers and stakeholders.

We save time for you so that you can focus on what you do best. 


We help you spread your influence far and wide around the globe with audience targeted translation and language solutions.

We Translate. We Create.

  • We create opportunities.

  • We create new beginnings.

  • We create resolutions.

  • We create language solutions.

  • We create global connections.

  • We create ideas and brand messages, weaving them together into a symphony of of meanings.

  • We create love and connection.

At Wei.Trans.Create, we celebrate the innate capacity of translation to create.

Creation is not the sole purview of advertising and transcreation projects. Creation also comes from translations of certificates and ID documents that are part of administrative processes, like submitting your translated passport/medical/educational certificates for the purpose of PR or citizenship applications. These are traditionally thought of as mundane and uninspiring work, but to us, this exemplifies the creation abilities of translation because we know we are taking part in creating a new life or new experience for someone.  

We love working with ad agencies, PR agencies, lawyers, HR professionals, marketing professionals and SME business owners, as these are the clients that we're able to support best with our suite of multilingual translation solutions. 




Embark upon your journey to connect and create with Wei.Trans.Create today!


Drop us a note via our contact form to get started!

Train driving through nature

"The role of translation is to connect people and to make the world a more accessible and welcoming place."


--- Lau Wei Tsinn, Founder of Wei.Trans.Create

What Clients Say

Studio Portrait

YEO CHUEN CHUEN, Executive Coach (Singapore)

"It's the first time I engaged Wei in her translation services and definitely not going to be the last. I'm blown away by her professionalism, her prompt updates, clear instructions, clarifying what I needed and also ensuring that we are aligned in the objectives. I felt totally at peace knowing that my project is in good hands. It was a time-sensitive piece of work and I didn't worry at all. Wei provided all the updates as promised, and I'm completely satisfied with the translation."  

Man with Glasses

MARISELLA WONG, Advertising Agency (Singapore)

"Wei is a lovely person to work with and is efficient and reassuring in her transcreation/translation services. She is current and up-to-date with the local financial terminologies that are being used these days. One of the great things I have identified after working with Wei is that she does her due diligence to study previous publications I have sent to her to ensure consistency in the terminologies and tone that were used. Most importantly, she communicates clearly when in doubt, to ensure both parties are on the same page with no fuss at all. Working with Wei has been a pleasure and a breeze. Looking forward to working with her on other projects in the near future!" 

Our Blog Articles

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